Life imitates Virtual Reality

The crew, who will live inside the box and never leave it, will create a representation of BM Reality by painting the inner circular wall with a panoramic image of the outside world surrounding the black box. They rely on visitors to communicate to them “what is out there”. Visitors can bring pictures, drawings, or anything else that shows the resident crew what they would see if they could have a look outside. Through the duration of the festival, the inside walls of the construction will be continuously filled with the collaborative Crew /Visitors’ interpretation of the outside reality.

Visitors queue up outside the Monolith and are taken inside it in small, guided groups. Upon entry, the Visitors are taken into a dark airlock. Here, they’ll receive a VR-headset, and then are taken deeper inside, towards the heart of the Monolith. As they enter the deeper section of it, the headsets are initially turned off, acting as a blindfold. The Visitors are taken by the hand and guided into the construction. Only when they arrive at the inner circle, their headsets are activated, so they will then see the painted inside walls in VR. After this initiation process their headset will be removed, but reality viewed will still be the same as in VR! After letting this new reality sink in, they can provide the crew with stories, descriptions, photos, etc. needed to create the continuously updated inside painting of the outside reality. 

Upon leaving visitors will receive a colorful beautifully printed entrance ticket - ‘Reality - Admit One’ - to the outside world/default Reality. The back of the entrance ticket will act as a kind of ‘terms and conditions’ featuring thoughts and insights on (Virtual) Reality, and a link to the website.

Even though technology will play a big part in how our box-reality can be viewed, this reality will be created in a non-technological way: we’re telling stories, painting pictures, and sharing emotions. 
The resident Crew will stay inside the Monolith during the entire course of the event, but they will still have some form of outside presence: for each of the Crewmembers physical “Avatars” will be created. These avatars, outfitted with a mini-360-camera, will roam the Playa. They will be life-size photos mounted on wood, which will be carried around by Burners and can be interacted with in the desert. 2D and 360-degree pictures and clips taken with the Avatars will be send back to the Monolith. Their journey (experiences) becomes part of the overall story.

The departure for the mission and homecoming of our crew will both be special ritual moments. After all, Reality won’t be the same anymore after this transformative journey. What will be their perception of “real” reality after they land again?