Crossing Realities: joining Solipmission across the globe

Interactivity will not be limited to just the Playa, but will also become part of the remote visitor’s experience.

Inside the Monolith, a 360/VR-camera is installed at the hearth of the construction.  People that are not physically at Burning Man can be there in VR through Youtube-360, Facebook-360 and other platforms. Users can get access to the live360-stream from inside the Monolith. The remote visitors will be able to interact with the Crew via the YT-360 chat dialogue.

In various places around the world, remote visitors can wear a headset while sitting inside a greenscreen-environment. They will visit the 360-livestream version of the Monolith. The greenscreen-studio will combine the greenscreen-footage and the 360-livestream to create a digital “postcard”. In this postcard, the remote visitors will be shown as if they actually visited the installation at Burning Man. This “postcard” can then be shared on the project’s Facebookpage, which the visitors can then in turn share with their friends. 

After all, nowadays the question can be asked why do we want to go to places like Burning Man. Is it in order to get the direct experience, or just to take a selfie and collect likes? With VR we eliminate the Fear Of Missing Out factor: we can climb mountains, visit refugee camps, go skydiving, etc, all within one hour. How valuable are those experiences for our real lives? How do these realities relate to one another? And how real is reality anyway?

Once the project is finished, a documentary will be produced (shot both in 2D as well as in 360/VR) and released through the international festival circuits and various international Virtual Reality competitions.