Solipmission asks that old universal question again: “What is Reality?”

With this project we explore this question with tools that previously belonged to the realm of science fiction. We are creating a bridge allowing visitors to cross over from science fiction into reality. But then again: How real is Reality?

Realizing the value(s) of both our human, real reality and digital, technological reality might enable a smoother transition into a future world, which will see a symbiosis of both.

Unknown Territories

In the 19th century we filled in the last blank spots of our planet. No more Unknown Territories to discover. Our entire planet has been mapped and documented, and moreover by 2020 even the last remote spot on our planet might be connected to the Internet. Gone are the days of heroic adventures into the Unknown.

However, in recent years a new Unknown Territory suddenly appeared again on our planet: The World of Virtual Reality. We will embark on a Mission to explore this new world, and bring back the adventure and excitement of the pioneering expeditions in the past.

With VR we can travel anywhere without moving, but are we really going anywhere? In this mission we will physically travel to Burning Man in order to explore the differences between different realities. But will we really be at Burning Man?

The crew will not leave the box for the entire week. It will be the only reality we will physically encounter. We will let BM Reality enter our world, but we will not leave our world to enter BM Reality.